Here we can control the brightness of a light by App Apple and Android. While after the phone is connected to Bluetooth, you can change the brightness through the phone.

    The system can tell whether the mobile phone Bluetooth is connected or not. When connected, the system receives the data from the App to the mobile phone, and analysis it out so as to control the brightness of the light. 


    Special LED with high CRI value (95 Ra or above) for perfect color checking in solutions for any paint, polish, cleaning, food processing and fashion showcase etc..

    For example, when foods are processed, a very subtle change in color of the foods may indicate a significant change (and generally deterioration) in quality.  Therefore, it is essential in the food processing industry to have accurate recognition of the food color and to ensure that the quality of the foods does not deteriorate to the level of unhealthiness


    Our explosion-proof work lights cover hazardous working areas of electrical equipments of Group II (explosive gas atmosphere as chemical industry, petrol station, oil & natural gas extraction, power plant, refinery and rescue service etc.) and Group III (explosive dust atmosphere as waste treatment, timber industry, pharmaceutical industry and fertilizer industry etc.).

    Our next generation explosion-proof work light series of Group I which is intended for use in mines susceptible to firedamp will come in 2017.


    Patent is the protection of our innovation result. We apply for the patent at the first time after product designed in the domestic and international. Nowadays, we have over 100 international & domestic certificates of patents including Invention Patent, Design Patent and Utility Model Patent.